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Why You Shouldn’t Attempt to Replace Your Windows Without a Professional

At your home or your office, you can do many things perfectly yourself, but when it comes to replacing your own windows, it’s hard to do it while keeping the glass intact! DIY is a good thing, but it’s undoubtedly not when you are not adequately skilled in replacing windows. That’s why it’s better to call a professionals team at Swift Glazing Ltd. whenever you need any type of glass replacement, both residential and commercial, in London. Let us tell you why is it so:

They know better about the different types of windows:

Although Google can provide you with tons of information on any topic, a contractor who deals with windows all the time can surely provide much better guidance than what you can find on Google. And that’s because these contractors work with the different types of windows there are, whether they are to be installed, repaired, and even bought or sold. They have experience and knowledge in their field that nothing can match! The Internet can help you with many ideas and alternatives for your place, but only a windows contractor can tell you how those ideas go with your home and what can be their pros and cons

They know how to have exact measurements and install them professionally:

Installing windows is not an easy task than it might seem. It requires accuracies in measurements to a high degree to avoid reducing the advantages you are looking for from your new windows, such as improved energy efficiency. These measurements need to be exact, especially for double and triple pane windows, where even a minute inaccuracy can lead to problems in your windows, such as rotting, mildew, and mould. So, it’s better that you don’t take the risk of installing the windows yourself and let the experts get it done in one go.

It can save you and others from any injury:

Apart from damaging your home or even the windows while trying to install or repair them yourself, you also pose a risk of getting injured or causing an injury to anyone nearby. Don’t try to deal with broken windows on your own and call an expert that can repair or replace them safely.

You get warranties and guarantees:

The windows you want to get installed will come with a warranty from the manufacturer. But you can get a guarantee from the window contractor as well. You might breach the terms of the warranty when trying to DIY, and you won’t be able to claim it if things go wrong. Hire a professional contractor and in case of any problem, let the windows’ manufacturer and your contractor deal with it themselves, instead of you asking for help. With the technical advancements in today’s world, getting your windows upgraded to the new energy-efficient ones is better. These windows will improve your buildings’ aesthetics while also reducing your utility bill. But DIY won’t be a good idea to go for when getting new windows. Hire experts who can install your windows perfectly the first time with a guarantee and will also save you on putting extra time and money in case something goes wrong


We at Swift Glazing Ltd. have been the leading residential and commercial glass providers in london for over 20 years! We have been providing glass solutions for so many buildings and businesses since 1990. Whether it be your shop front that you want to upgrade or your bathroom’s shower got broken, you can count on us for it all. As we have told you, you can get so many advantages from hiring experts that DIY. So, don’t wait. Contact us for a quote, and let our professionals handle the rest with the best quality supplies and expert service! Looking forward to hearing from you!


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