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  • Glass Door Replacement 

  • Glass Canopy Replacement

  • Window Glass Replacement

  • Sash window Replacement

  • Double Glazing Repairs

  • Patio Doors

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Shop Front Glass Replacement
Shop Front Glass Replacement

Shop Glass Fitter

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glass door repair
glass door repair

Glass Door Repair

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Shop Front Glass Replacement
Shop Front Glass Replacement

Shop Glass Fitter

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We Are A Fast Reliable 24-hour Family-Run Company All Glazing Repairs Are Dealt With, Quickly And Efficiently.

30 - 60 Min Response

True to our name, in any emergency we can be with you to resolve your problem swiftly

Fast 24 Hour Emergency Service

Call 24-7. Whenever you need us, Swift Glazing just a phone call away.

All Works Guarantee

We use high-quality products in repairs & replacement. All products comes with one year warranty.

No Call Out Charges

We do not charge our customer for call out.

So you don't have to be worry about any unnecessary charges.

Insurance Approved

be assured all our work is approved by all major insurance companies.

Glass Replacement

Fast replacement to all types of glass: 

Windows / Doors /Shop Fronts / Roof Glazing / Patio Doors / Double Glazing / Mirrors / Toughened Glass / laminate glass / Shower Doors. HOME / OFFICE / BUSINESS / SHOPS / FACTORIES. Free estimates, feel free to call now for a competitive price!

We carry a large range of glass in our vans from 4mm Flout to safety laminated glass. our expert glazier can cut the glass on site and get the job done on the first visit so you can save your time and money without any compromise in quality and security. Tell us the problem and we will be happy to provide free advice. 

Window Glass Replacement

Single Glazing Repair All Over London

Whether you need single glazing glass replacement for your commercial or residential property, Swift Glazing Ltd will reach you quickly to provide outstanding glass repair services. our expert glazier can cut the glass on-site and get the job done on the first visit so you can save your time and money without any compromise in quality and security. Tell us the problem and we will be happy to provide free advice.

  • Single window pane repairs (traditional putty)
  • Sash window Glass replacement
  • Casement glass window repair.
  • Crittall window glass replacement

Double Glazing Glass Repair All Over London

All our double glazed units are hermetically sealed and Guaranteed against misting upon laminate, toughened, clear, and tinted glass for window doors patio doors glass canopies and roofs. Servicing and repairs carried out on all our double glazed window and doors, UPVC, aluminum, wood, metal.

Shop Front Repairs

We specialize in shop front glass replacement, Swift Glazing have a long history of helping domestic and commercial clients with a host of glazing services,. Business owners from corner shops to shopping centers have found our glass installation services fast, fresh, and affordable.

We are experts in oversized and jumbo custom glass repairs and replacements. Large commercial window repairs and replacements are our specialties.

Other Specialities: 

Custom Glass Canopies, Glass Curtain Walls, Office Partitions, Curtain Wall Systems, BulletProof Security Glass, Glass Fences and Skylights, Jumbo and Oversized Glass Installation, Automatic & Revolving Doors, Aluminum & Hollow Metal Doors, Balance Doors, Door Repairs (Closers, Locks, Hinges, and Handles), and New Construction Projects

Emergency Glazing Services:

We can be there for you, too, whether you are a business operator or a domestic address, and you will find our expert glaziers to be friendly, helpful and thoroughly professional in all aspects of the job. We offer a full range of solutions where glass and glazing is concerned, and you can rely on us to be with you 24 hours of the day, any day of the week, as quickly as we can.

Boarding Up:

If we do find we don’t have what you need – which is a rare occurrence – we can happily board up your broken glazing or door until we can return to complete the job. Usually, our glazier will be able to find the right glass for you, cut it on site, and complete a professional installation there and then, so your premises are secure in no time at all. Temporary Doors and Glazing Replacement

Why Choose swift glazing ltd?

  • 24/7 emergency glaziers

  • 45min response time

  • No call out charge

  • Fully guaranteed work

  • Police approved

  • Free quotations

  • Fully insured

  • Cheapest prices around

Frequently asked questions

Can Droughty And Stuck Window Be Repaird?

Yes, we can fix all gaps, draughts, seal, and lock & handle problems without chenging the whole window.

Do You Provide Hinge Replacement Services?

Yes, we can provide hinge replacement services, we carry a large renge of window hinge in our vans. Our glaziers can replace your window hinge in first visit so you can save your time and money without any compromise in quality and security.

What is double glazing?

Double-glazed doors and windows are made up of two sealed sheets of glass with an insulating void between them. This gap is either in the form of a vacuum, or more commonly filled with a heavy inert gas such as argon. Together, the panes of glass and the void between them are very effective at preventing heat loss. In fact the U-value for a new double glazed window can be as low as 1.7, while a single glazed window in comparison has a u-value closer to 5. However, over time the effectiveness of the double-glazing can wane, especially if the seal goes around one of the panes of glass, allowing air to replace either the vacuum or the inert gas between the panes. The most common side effect of a seal going is that the window will fog up, as water vapour condenses on the inside surface of the window. If you notice your windows have become foggy, misty or steamy when you try to look through them, it means that the seals have started to fail

Why have my double glazing seals become damaged?

This can happen due to a number of reasons, however the most common tends to be general wear and tear as the double-glazing unit ages. Continuous changes in temperature cause fluctuations in the size of the glazed unit, since they expand in warmth and contract in the cold, and over time this can loosen and damage the seals. Particularly strong cleaning products can also sometimes eat away at the seal, so even though we all like being able to see through really clean windows, it is wise to make sure the cleaning product you are using is not chemically abrasive. Other reasons for your double-glazing unit failing include faulty installations or faulty production methods. However on the whole these should be covered by your window installer. It is therefore key to make sure you keep your FENSA certificate and a receipt of any work carried out. As the perimeter seal goes, moisture will start to enter the double-glazing unit. Normally there is a silica strip within the void that absorbs small amounts of moisture and separates the glazing units; however as soon as this becomes saturated the condensation rapidly increases, leading to it misting up the entire unit.

Q: What is the average time to arrive in an emergency?

In an emergency, we will be there in 30-60 minutes to resolve your problem swiftly.

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