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Mirror and Splashback

Swift Glazing provides Mirror Installation and replacement Service across London including Central London and the City, serving both Residential and Commercial customers. We can fit mirrors in all shapes and sizes, being used for a multitude of purposes, bathrooms, living rooms, gyms, dance studios, shops, clubs, and restaurants, etc.

Cut to Size Mirrors, Any Shape, Any Size


30 t0 60 minute response

True to our name, in any emergency we can be with you to resolve your problem swiftly

Fast 24 Hour Emergency Service

Call 24-7. Whenever you need us, Swift Glazing just a phone call away.

insurance approved

be assured all our work is approved by all major insurance companies and local authority.

no call out charges

We do not charge our customer for call out.So you don't have to be worry about any unnecessary charges.

Bespoke Mirrors

Custom Bathroom Mirrors Made to Measure

We do not stock ready-made Bathroom Mirrors. Our specialty is Bespoke Bathroom Mirrors, made to measure and Custom Cut to your requirements.

Simple Rectangular Mirrors can be cut to size and delivered to your address on the same day. if the edge is not going to be exposed after installation.


Polished Edges Mirrors, Can be ordered by ‘phone or email and allow 2-3 days time for the mirror to be cut and edge polished.

If your mirror requirement is more complicated, needing for example a power socket cut out, non-rectangular cutting, or special shapes, then we can work from your template - or we provide a Templating Service.

As well as offering our Mirror Fitting Service, we also provide Mirror Replacement services.

For cracked or broken Mirror Doors, we can collect and deliver it back to you.


For large and Fitted Mirror Doors, we can attend the site and glaze or reglaze it on site.

Mirrored Splashbacks 

Similar to our standard glass splashbacks, the mirrored splashbacks at Swift Glazing are 6mm thick and completely customizable. We cut, polish, drill, and shape our mirror splashbacks keeping in mind your requirements and needs. Produced from Pilkington OptimirrorTM, a revolutionary and eco-friendly product manufactured from low-iron glass, and entirely free of lead and copper commonly required for the production of traditional mirrors, our mirrored splashbacks have a far more clearer and shinier appearance. Furthermore, this modern technology keeps our mirrored splashbacks free of unsightly spots and black edges caused by atmospheric corrosion, and also protects them from the chemical effects of everyday cleaning agents. Also, their performance is many times better than standard mirrors when it comes to light reflectivity. The addition of a mirrored kitchen splashback not only creates that wow factor but opens up space in a truly unique and contemporary way. It can make a small kitchen look twice the size and twice as bright.

Why Choose Swift Glazing LTD?

  • No call out charge

  • Fully guaranteed work

  • Glass set with stainless steel square posts and optional top rail

  • Grade 316 stainless steel for outdoor; grade 304 for indoor use

  • Variety of glass options:

  • Height from finished floor level: 1100mm high outdoors or 900mm high indoors

  • Suitable for up to 0.74kN line load

  • Quick turnaround

  • Free quotations

  • Fully insured

  • Cheapest prices around

  • Can Condensation In Double Glazing Be Fixed?
    If you have condensation in double glazing then it is a sign that the sealant has failed and this usually means that it will have to be replaced or sealed. If the windows are dated then replacing the whole unit can be recommended so that the same problem does not occur again.
  • How Long Does It Take To Replace Double Glazing?
    We have our own work shop we always aim to install the glass within 2days after the go ahed given. how ever we have same day services for flout and laminated unit.
  • Can I Replace The Glass In My Double Glazing?
    Yes, we replaced glass in double glazing like to like. so it give you the same thermal efficiency as the original installation.
  • Can I Replace Onley 1 Pane Glass On My Double Glazing Unit?
    You can not repelace 1 side of the double glazed unit, as its a seald unit and boh glass come as seal unit.

Please feel free to complete the form below with any general enquiries or requests and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible

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