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We carry out repairs on glass entrance doors for shops, offices and business premises...

Glass Door Repairs

Commercial & Residential
Shop Door Closers
Glass Replacement

Front Door Glass
Patio Doors
Shop Doors

Hinges & Locks Repairs
24/7 Temperory Doors

30 To 60 Min Response

True to our name, in any emergency we can be with you to resolve your problem swiftly

Fast 24 Hour Emergency Service

Call 24-7. Whenever you need us, Swift Glazing just a phone call away.

all works gurranee

We use high-quality products in repairs & replacement. All products comes with one year warranty.

no call out charges

We do not charge our customer for call out.So you don't have to be worry about any unnecessary charges.

insurance approved

be assured all our work is approved by all major insurance companies.

Door Glass Replacement:

At Swift Glazing Ltd we offer all types of glass door repairs and replacements for Commercial and Residential customers.

We can replace glass on:

Shop Doors / Front Doors / Revolving Doors / Patio Doors / Bi-Folding Doors / Sliding Doors / French Doors, and Fire Doors, we can even replace the mirror on Wardrobe and Cabinet Door.

Call Us now to find out more about our glass replacement services!

We carry a large range of glass in our vans from safety laminated to fire-rated glass. our expert glazier can cut the glass on-site and get the job done on the first visit so you can save your time and money without any compromise in quality and security. Tell us the problem and we will be happy to provide free advice

We are pleased to offer the following services:


  • Commercial & residential glass door repairs

  • Supply and installation of the glass for front doors,

  • Replacement of old or damaged glass shopfront doors,

  • Replacement of floor springs,

  • Replacement door closers for glass doors and replacement of locks,

  • Repair for glass shop front doors that don’t close correctly or are slamming.

  • Upvc Door Glass Repairs, Aluminium Door Glass Repairs

  • Wooden Door Glass Repairs

  • Composite Door Glass Repairs

  • Glass Door Hinge Fixing

  • Same Day Glass Door Replacement

Commercial Door Repairs:

Commercial Glass Door Repair
Commercial Glass Door Repair in London
Floor Spring and Hinge Repair
Commercial Glass Door Repair
Glass Door Repair
Glass Door Repair
Glass Door Repair
Glass Door Repair
Glass Door Repair
Glass Door Repair
Glass Door Repair
commercial glass door
shop door hinge
floor spring
door parts

Is Your door Slams (Closing Fast)?

Is Your Door Catching the Floor?

Is The lock not Engaging?


Looking for commercial door repair in London or the surrounding area? We are the experts to call to get it done right the first time. We know how essential properly operating commercial doors are for your business. You can count on us to do the job quickly, correctly, and we are available when you need us.

Commercial doors are a critical part of your business.  They are the first line of defense for you against your business from intruders, properly sealed doors help keep climate control in your building, and they create a great first impression with your customers. 

Door Closer Repairs & Replacement / Installation:


the most frequent reason for the door closer to fail is wear on the main spring and wear to the hydraulic seals of the pistons in the cylinders of the door closers.


In most circumstances, the deterioration of the seals in the door closers results in some hydraulic fluid leakage around the door closer.

This is often evident as a build-up of heavy dust and dirt on the outside of the closer and sometimes oil can be seen dripping from the door closer, which when extreme can often stain the floor coverings.


Once a door closer starts leaking oil the door will then slam closed because there is not enough oil pressure to ensure that it closes slowly. It is not possible to ‘refill’ the closer with oil and the unit must be replaced.

Not closing properly / staying open

Deterioration of the main spring always affects the operation of the door closing. In both these circumstances, the door closers need to be replaced. Repair is not an option, as the new generation of door closers from manufacturers like Dorma, Geze , Briton, Arrow , Modric and Jebron) are all sealed units and cannot be repaired.


lock not Engaging

Often, problems with the lock not aligning as they should are caused by the door not fitting in the door jamb properly causing the door to drop and the lock to misalign with the strike. Therefore, the door cannot be locked properly. 

We Stock the Following Replacement Parts​:

  • Surface-mounted closers

  • Concealed overhead closers

  • Floor closer

  • Top and bottom pivots

  • Continuous hinges

  • Locksets

  • Deadlocks

Our Suppliers
Our Suppliers
Our Suppliers
Our Suppliers
Our Suppliers
Our Suppliers

Our Suplliers

You want the best when it comes to your commercial door repair. Call us at the first sign of stress or damage to your doors. This proactive approach is the most effective way to ensure your commercial doors are operational when you need them and it reduces maintenance costs in the long run. Maintenance issues not addressed pose a security risk to your business, a safety risk to your employees, and a detracts from your image with customers. Also, delaying repairs often leads to more serious damage and higher costs to fix. If you have are starting to see signs of stress or damage to your commercial doors, call Swift Glazing for a no-obligation free assessment or estimate.

Front Door Glass Replacement:

Broken front door glass is the most commonly broken glass in the house. It is vulnerable to unwanted intruders and accidental impacts. Although most exterior and interior doors are fitted with the stronger safety laminated or toughened glass which is harder to break, the number of shattered glass insert replacements we carry out is still high.

Whether your broken glass is:

pattern glass / weird glass / Satin glass / fire-rated or white laminated, our expert glazier can cut the glass on-site and get the job done on the first visit so you can save your time and money without any compromise in quality and security.

Temporarily Doors:

If you had your glass shop door smashed or your wooden front door and you need access for few days till you get it replaced here at Swift Glazing Ltd we do emergency 24/7 temporary doors.


Has your door kicks in during a burglary?

Do you have broken doors that need replacing or boarding up?


In case we do not have the correct size or kind of glass with us, our glaziers will clean up the broken glass and provide temporary boarding before returning to the depot. With a wide range of glass to select from, we can return to the property and install the perfect replacement.

Why Choose Swift Glazing Ltd?

  • 24/7 emergency glaziers

  • 45min response time

  • No call out charge

  • Fully guaranteed work

  • Police approved

  • Free quotations

  • Fully insured

  • Cheapest prices around

temporary glass doors
temporary shop door
temporary door

Areas We Cover

  • Can Condensation In Double Glazing Be Fixed?
    If you have condensation in double glazing then it is a sign that the sealant has failed and this usually means that it will have to be replaced or sealed. If the windows are dated then replacing the whole unit can be recommended so that the same problem does not occur again.
  • How Long Does It Take To Replace Double Glazing?
    We have our own work shop we always aim to install the glass within 2days after the go ahed given. how ever we have same day services for flout and laminated unit.
  • Can I Replace The Glass In My Double Glazing?
    Yes, we replaced glass in double glazing like to like. so it give you the same thermal efficiency as the original installation.
  • Can I Replace Onley 1 Pane Glass On My Double Glazing Unit?
    You can not repelace 1 side of the double glazed unit, as its a seald unit and boh glass come as seal unit.
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