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Double Glazing Repairs

W 30 Min Emergency Response
Single & Double Glass replacement
W Hinge & Handle Replacement
W Stuck, jammed and seized shut
W Lucking mechanism replacement
W Tilt & Turn Repairs
W Sash Window Repairs
W Velux Repairs
UPVC Door Alignment

Window Repairs London

For over 35 years, Swift Glazing LTD has been a family-run business that provides quick and cost-effective window repair services to residential and commercial customers in London. Our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction have earned us a reputation as a trusted provider of quality window products and services.

Whether you are a property manager, homeowner, building contractor, or architect, we are equipped to meet your specific needs. We are proud to offer some of the most comprehensive guarantees in the industry, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality products and services. Trust us to deliver the best in window solutions for your home or business.

At Swift Glazing LTD, we specialize in affordable double glazing Door and Window Repair Solutions. When your glass windows or doors are broken, time is of the real meaning for us. Swift Glazing is committed to reliable, professional and quick 24 Hour window repair service, no matter the time of day or night. Whenever you need us, Call Swift Glazing at 0800 1950 422, our experts will be at your door to fix your window immediately.We can arrive and solve the problem the same day and below are some of our services related to 24/7 Window Repairs we offer:

  • Broken glass? 

  • Window not shutting properly?

  • Gap in between, Draughty?

  • Condensation inside your double glazing?

  • Need new hinge, handle, locking mechanism?replacement glass in double glazed windows

30 t0 60 minute response

True to our name, in any emergency we can be with you to resolve your problem swiftly

Fast 24 Hour Emergency Service

Call 24-7. Whenever you need us, Swift Glazing just a phone call away.

all works gurranee

We use high-quality products in repairs & replacement. All products comes with one year warranty.

no call out charges

We do not charge our customer for call out.So you don't have to be worry about any unnecessary charges.

insurance approved

be assured all our work is approved by all major insurance companies.

Double Glazing unit Replacement:

Double glazed or single pane glass replacement services. We use high-quality glass & seal for double glazed units in our own workshop. This enables us to tailor our services for the specific job requirement. and always have our own customers in priority. 

We provide excellent customer service & Five-years warranty with our double glazed units.


Window Hinge Replacement:

Do you have trouble closing your windows?

Or maybe the hinges got broken?

Swift Glazing in London, specialises in a variety of window repairs for over 30 years.

PVC, aluminium and many modern timber framed hinged windows rely on a scissor style hinge system to open & close.

If the hinge is not oiled regularly (at least a few times per year) they can quickly become sticky and will eventually be strained and damaged.

This may see you start to have a small gap between the opening sash and the window frame.


Here is a list of the most common repairs, the technicians can easily handle it for you:

  • UPVC Hinge Replacement / Repair 

  • Aluminium Hinge Replacemenet / Repair

  • Tilt and Turn Window Replacement 

  • Friction Stayes Hinge Replacemenet / Repair 

This is the No.1 cause of draughty windows and possible water damage to your windows.

New window hinges will allow the window to open and close freely and ensure an airtight seal, leaving you with no more noisy and cold air draughts!

Jammed, Stuck, or Seized Window lock:

When the window handle moves, but the window won’t open, Call us, We stock a large range of window lock mechanisms and hinges in our vans. The selection we offer covers the most common types used over the last 30 years. These window locks and hinges have been primarily used on uPVC windows although they have also been fitted to timber and aluminium windows occasionally.


Double Glazing Repairs:

At Swift Glazing, we offer top quality double glazing repair services to all of our customers at reasonable prices. We have extensive experience in the repairs and services for your entire double glazed or single pane Glass replacement and lock and hinge issues. 

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  • Can Condensation In Double Glazing Be Fixed?
    If you have condensation in double glazing then it is a sign that the sealant has failed and this usually means that it will have to be replaced or sealed. If the windows are dated then replacing the whole unit can be recommended so that the same problem does not occur again.
  • How Long Does It Take To Replace Double Glazing?
    We have our own work shop we always aim to install the glass within 2days after the go ahed given. how ever we have same day services for flout and laminated unit.
  • Can I Replace The Glass In My Double Glazing?
    Yes, we replaced glass in double glazing like to like. so it give you the same thermal efficiency as the original installation.
  • Can I Replace Onley 1 Pane Glass On My Double Glazing Unit?
    You can not repelace 1 side of the double glazed unit, as its a seald unit and boh glass come as seal unit.

Why Choose swift glazing ltd?

  • 24/7 emergency glaziers

  • 30 min response time

  • No call out charge

  • Fully guaranteed work

  • Police approved

  • Free quotations

  • Fully insured

  • Cheapest prices around

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