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Three Types of Cracks in Glass Windows

Glass is undoubtedly a reliable and versatile material, and not to mention –very beneficial. However, it is bound to deteriorate and crack at some point. Noticing these cracks usually sends the homeowners in a frenzy. But not anymore! There may be countless reasons for your glass to crack, but only a few are worthy of your attention. And in this post, we have decided to discuss those three main types of window glass cracks and the best way to handle them in London.

Impact Cracks:

Impact cracks appear when a heavy object ‘impacts’ the window or glass surface. Often times, these objects include toys, debris, rocks and stones or branches of trees and pine cones. Windows may break as a result of these cracks during storms, windy weather or tornados.

Pressure Cracks:

If you have double-pane or insulated glass windows, you need to be concerned about pressure cracks. Pressure cracks seem to appear out of the blue. However, the underlying reason is usually drastic pressure changes in the environment due to the weather changes. Windows installed at very high or very low elevation levels are at risk of getting these cracks. A pressure crack is most likely to curve in an hourglass shape, so that's another way to recognize them. If you think your window has a pressure crack, a window replacement might be the only solution.

Stress Cracks:

The main difference between stress cracks and pressure cracks is that stress cracks do not occur instantly. Although caused by the drastic weather changes and temperature, stress cracks go through a gradual process before they cause the window to shatter.

Usually, they begin at the window edges and then slowly make their way towards the centre, covering the whole glass with time.

Do you slam your windows shut a lot? Don’t –because that can also lead to stress cracks on them.

How to Repair Cracked Window Glass?

Are you looking for ways to repair a cracked window in London? Here’s how you can do that:

The first step is to ensure which out of the three types the crack belongs to. Once done, determine how badly your window is cracked.

If you have insulated windows, replacement might be the only solution. In that case, call professional help as soon as possible, who can do the job more safely and efficiently than anything you may try at home. After a thorough inspection of the type of crack and its size, the window replacement expert will let you know the most cost-effective solution.

Schedule Window Glass Replacement in London Today!

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