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What Makes a Good Shopfront?

Regardless of the type of business you run, having a good storefront is critical in attracting customers, maximising security, and maintaining a solid business reputation.

Swift Glazing Ltd appreciates the importance of your business' shopfront. Whether your shopfront requires custom cut glass panelling, textured glass or toughened glass, our in-house glazing facility guarantees bespoke glass cut to your specifications within 24 hours or less.

Swift Glazing Ltd are the shopfront installation experts, whether you need a single door replacement or a complete structural makeover, we are here to provide the consulting, installation and maintenance your business shopfront needs.

Our shop front systems are constructed using European glass and aluminium frames designed to maximise safety, durability and strength over time. With years of experience installing commercial glass shopfronts for international brands including David Loyds, Zara and Costa,Nike,Armani, Jetts Gym , Fossil and many more....

we are the experts in meeting specific glass front needs to maintain uniformity and brand integrity.

Our 24 hour render-safe broken glass or damage service ensures your shopfront will always be kept in excellent condition. Our experience repairing shopfront damage, means we are the best option for you to feel assured of a rapid turn around time if something should happen to your shopfront.

What makes a shopfront good?

Read on to find out.


No one wants to go into a store that looks cluttered and messy. Because of this, you should avoid putting too much signage and merchandise in your shopfront. Keep it relatively clear and make sure you clean it regularly.


Making sure you have the right amount of lighting in your shopfront is also important in attracting potential customers. You want to have just enough lighting to illuminate your store and make it stand out, but not so much that it will appear overly-bright.


Aside from drawing in customers, the main role of your shopfront is to keep your store secure. In order to achieve this, ensure the material your storefront is made from is strong and sturdy. If you want to install a glass shopfront, choose safety glass such as toughened or laminated glass. These glass types are significantly more resistant to force and less easy to break than standard annealed glass.

Easy to Maintain

Last but not least, for your sake, you want to ensure your shopfront is easy to clean and maintain. Select materials that stay cleaner for longer and don’t require excessive maintenance (such as glass and aluminium) over materials that get dirty quickly and require frequent touch-ups (such as timber).

If you’re wanting to install a new glass storefront in your business, call Swift Glazing Ltd today. We can provide you with a free quote for a shopfront that will attract customers and keep your business safe!


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