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Repair and Restoration of Your Windows

We are all aware that a damaged glass or window needs to be fixed as soon as possible to restore any building to its original splendor. We, at Swift Glazing, are experienced in every kind of glass repair and are well known for our work with both old and new windows.

We try our best to help all our customers (both individuals and organizations) to get the most out of their energy-efficient doors and windows. However, due to the higher expenses of having entirely new energy-efficient doors and windows, people opt to repair their older ones, which conserves both costs and energy.

Large amounts of heat loss

Older doors and windows are significantly less efficient than the new ones as they allow more heat to escape in winters and let in more in summers. To guess how much energy your windows are conserving, you can take a look at how well they fit in their frames. If there's any room left between the windows and frames, there will be air infiltration and leakages, and efficiency will be low.

How to deal with drafty window

All you need is some weather stripping and caulk, and your air leaks will be gone. You can use a weatherstrip around the windows and caulk to fill gaps present anywhere in the frame. The solution is inexpensive, and its costs are paid for in a year by itself.

Block the heat loss

You can also use drapes, blinds, curtains and shutters or any other window covers available to minimize heat loss.

Conserve energy using window films

Window films are not only a convenient solution to energy loss but also reduce the fading effect of UV rays on curtains and soft furnishing of your house. You can apply these films (generally made of plastic or polyester) yourself, or you may hire a professional to do so, the choice is yours. Reflective films have a metal oxide coating present. This coating stops the sunlight from coming in and conserves energy as well.

Restoring old windows

If your windows are old, and allow in a lot of air current, or are sagging, or you find them a little stiff while opening and closing them, you need to schedule them for maintenance instead of criticizing the workmanship. Usually made of hardwood, these older windows can stay with you for more than 100 years if you maintain them regularly after every decade. If you want to know how to do that, we’ll be glad to help!

Call a professional

If you have old windows or you live in a listed building, you would be better off with the services of a glass repair professional instead of a simple restorer.


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