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Read About Our Mirrored Splashbacks!

We use the highest quality materials from industry-leading suppliers to ensure that our customers are buying only the best. We have a wide array of facilities which ensure that we can create all kinds of amazing mirrors. From a simple polished edged mirror with no design all the way to one with a sleek bevel and a bespoke sandblasted (Frosted) pattern. It's not just square mirrors that we do, with our state of the art cutting tables and polishing machines we are able to create almost anything you desire, just send us a drawing with your design on it and we'll make it happen.

  • Plug cut-outs

  • Templating

  • Acid Etched Mirror, Antiqued Mirror, Black Mirror, Tinted Mirror, Sandblasted Mirror

Safety Film and Mirrored Splashbacks

Although our standard mirrored splashbacks are not toughened, we produce them with a special safety film if they are needed in an extremely sensitive area. This increases the impact-safety enough to comply with the standard EN 12600 2(B)2. Moreover, our standard silver mirror also comes in bronze and grey.

Benefits of Mirrored Splashbacks

No one, not even your biggest opponent will disagree that a mirrored splashback makes kitchen countertops look sleek and utterly beautiful.

Apart from the bathroom, the kitchen is the part of the house homeowners are most interested in renovating. This is because none of the rooms of a house has the impact that a well-designed kitchen can have. A beautiful kitchen not only increases a house’s overall appeal and grandeur but its intrinsic value as well. There’s no doubt that in addition to the bathroom, the kitchen is probably the hardest to keep in top-notch condition. However, a simple addition of a mirrored kitchen splashback gives your kitchen a remarkable appearance, a contemporary and futuristic look and opens up the space like nothing else!


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