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How to Train Your Cat to Use a Cat Flap

Are you tired of opening doors for your cats?

Cats love the outside, but most of them have a habit of venturing in and out of the house too frequently. As a cat owner, it becomes hard to be available for your cat 24/7. Your absence usually restricts their outside playtime and may cause mishaps inside when you don't open the door for them to take their much-needed toilet trip. This is precisely why having a cat flap can help you and your cat in many ways.

If your cat doesn't use the cat flap right from the beginning, there is nothing to worry about. A cat around six months of age is old enough to handle itself outdoors and can easily be trained to use a cat flap. However, it is crucial to get your cats vaccinated before allowing them to venture outside.

Older cats usually take a while to train, especially, if they have never used a cat flap before. However, following this post should help you get your cat of any age to use the cat flap with confidence.

  • Make Your Cat Associate the Cat Flap with Positive Things

Introducing the cat flap at once to your cat might cause them to run away from it. With a cat, it's crucial to take things slowly and foster positive emotions about the new stuff. For a cat flap, try to make your cat used to it by doing fun activities near it. You can feed your cats next to the cat flap, place their toys around it or give them a treat when they are nearby. This can help them associate the cat flap with good things, and they will be more inclined to use it later on.

  • Time to Open the Cat Flap!

The first time you open a cat flap, do it all the way. Try to use some means (Tape, Adhesive) to keep it open. This will allow your cats to see outside and might encourage them to use it.

  • Encourage with Treats or Toys

For this step, you will need a friend to assist you. Two people should stand on either side of the cat flap, encouraging your cat to move back and forth through it using their favourite treats or toys. This is the point where you take out their most favourite treats (chicken, fish, snacks, etc.). If you are successful in tempting your cats to use the cat flap, the initial nerves will die down, and they will be willing to use it by themselves as well.

  • Repeat Until Your Cat Loves It!

Don't expect your cat to love the cat flap at once. Repeat the above-stated procedures as long as needed, until your cat is entirely at ease with the cat flap. Some cats are easier to introduce to new things, while others are stubborn and shunt everything different from the routine.

Ensure that you are not forcing your cat into using the cat flap; this can make them associate it with negativity.

  • No Need to Keep the Door Propped Open

Once your cat gets used to the cat flap, it will use it whether you keep it open or not.

If you see that your cat is now confidently using the cat flap to go outdoors, it is time to remove the tape and let it drop. Your cat will have no trouble pushing it slightly to go outside.

Which Cat Flap to Choose?

The traditional cat flap, which opens when your cat nudges it is usually cheaper and quicker to install. It provides your cat with complete freedom. However, the only downside is that now stray cats can visit your house as well.

Do you want a cat flap installed? Call Swift Glazing for help today at 0800 1950 422!


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