How to Train Your Cat to Use a Cat Flap

Are you tired of opening doors for your cats?

Cats love the outside, but most of them have a habit of venturing in and out of the house too frequently. As a cat owner, it becomes hard to be available for your cat 24/7. Your absence usually restricts their outside playtime and may cause mishaps inside when you don't open the door for them to take their much-needed toilet trip. This is precisely why having a cat flap can help you and your cat in many ways.

If your cat doesn't use the cat flap right from the beginning, there is nothing to worry about. A cat around six months of age is old enough to handle itself outdoors and can easily be trained to use a cat flap. However, it is crucial to get your cats vaccinated before allowing them to venture outside.

Older cats usually take a while to train, especially, if they have never used a cat flap before. However, following this post should help you get your cat of any age to use the cat flap with confidence.