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Frameless Glass Doors: Transform Your Shop Front Now!

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Due to their ability to give a full-blown view to the clients from the outside and their magnificent appearance, frameless glass doors have become incredibly popular. As the high streets evolve and modernize, you see more and more of these open and welcoming entrances instead of traditional shop fronts. Frameless glass doors don’t have aluminum door stiles or railings. They are your traditional full-length windows, and the only difference is that they can open.

Frame Glass Doors for Shops –Why You Should Use Them:

Get a Full View

Frameless glass doors are an excellent addition to the shop front because of the view they give. If you have your shop items strategically assembled inside, the passersby will notice your shop and give you a visit!

Save Electricity

Frameless glass doors allow an abundance of natural light into your shop. As a result, the need for dazzling lights and bulbs to brighten up your products becomes almost null, leading to lowered electricity costs.

Easy to Maintain

You don't need any special care or cleaning equipment for these doors. All you need is a sponge and your standard window cleaning solution, and you should be good to go! A regular wipe is all these glass doors need. If you employ a window cleaner, they should clean your shop front as part of their services.

Safe and Robust Glass

Don’t let the sleek appearance of frameless glass doors fool you. These doors use safety glass, which is remarkably robust and safe in case of accidents.

Safety glass is a toughened and laminated glass-type that does not break easily. And when it does, the glass pieces don't leave their place. Hence, there is no danger of splinters flying off and injuring someone. If a piece of glass does come off, it has rounded edges, which further reduces the chance of an injury. Safety glass often breaks in web-like lines and cracks. You might have seen it in bus stops, phone booths, car windows, fridge shelves or super-hero movies



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