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Emergency Board Up

Emergency board up services are important for every homeowner and business. A home or commercial building can be broken into or vandalized causing major damage. Sometimes natural calamities like water, fire and smoke can cause severe damage to the building and that's where Swift Glazing emergency board up services come in.⁣

We provide 24 hour boarding and a making safe service. All types of Boarding up undertaken from small windows to entire buildings.No damage to existing frame work. Emergency service at no extra cost, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What is ‘board up’ service?⁣

Emergency board up services will protect the interior of your home or business after a breakage until new glass can be installed. These services are very critical when disaster strikes. Board up services are always needed when you least expect it. Anything can happen at any time which is why you need to identify the best people to call in case your home, shop or office requires emergency board up services.

Boarding up services can help to secure your property and ensure any damage doesn’t lead to further losses. During an emergency, your property will be exposed to damage caused by the weather, animals and other external factors. If something is not done fast, you can exacerbate a problem that could be otherwise avoided.⁣

Every property is different so Swift Glazing technicians know which methods will be most suitable to each client's situation. We offer this service round the clock. Our board up services can be offered whenever you need them. All glass companies are not created equal! A reliable company will be able to dispatch their crew immediately when you need them, don't be left waiting.⁣

Be sure to also look for a glass repair company that can work with your insurance company to cover your emergency board up service. Swift Glazing experts will be able to board up the damaged windows as well as replace any areas that have been severely damaged quickly afterwards. You need the total peace of mind that everything will be in perfect order and your home or business is in a safe state. ⁣

you had your glass shop door smashed or your wooden front door and you need access for few days till you get it replaced here at swift glazing we do emergency 24/7 temporary doors.Have your door been kick in during a burglary? Do you have broken doors that need replacing or boarding up? had your glass shop door smashed or your wooden front door and you need access for few days till you get it replaced here at swift glazing we do temporary doors. In case we do not have the correct size or kind of glass with us, our glaziers will clean up the debris and provide temporary boarding before returning to the depot. With a wide range of glass to select from, we can return to the property and install the perfect replacement.

We understand that accidents and disasters can happen at any time. Therefore, our 24 hour glaziers can assist you around the clock, 7 days a week so that when you have a problem, you can get it fixed no matter what time it is.

  • Generally, 10 -12 mm sterling boards are used but marine 18 mm Plyboard complete with Anti-Bandit screws can be requested.

  • Safety filming available as an alternative to timber boards for commercial contracts where H&S is crucial.

  • Temporary doors with safety lock for domestic and commercial properties can be fitted on site.


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