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Commercial & Residential Door Repairs

Door Repairs

We are a service company which specialises in repairing or replacing door closers and floor spring units.

We can repair aluminium doors, security doors, Dorma doors, door hinges, door springs and door closers.

We have adapted over the years as automation and entry systems have come into use and now our skills are more varied. We have many types of clients, all within the commercial sector, which varies our work immensely in the size and scale of the projects we undertake.

Commercial Door Repairs

Swift Glazing Ltd are the experts to call for commercial door repairs in London and surrounding areas. We understand how important it is for commercial doors to be always in good operational condition, so you can rely on us for a quick, thorough, and professional job whenever you need us. Commercial doors have an important role to play. They represent the first line of security for your business premises, they help you maintain climate control within the building, and they’re even important in helping you create a good first impression with your visitors.

Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your commercial door repair.

At the first sign of damage or stress to your doors, call us to repair the problem. This is ultimately the best way to prolong the life of the doors and keep your costs down. Door maintenance problems left unattended detract from your image, pose a safety and security risk and can lead to more extensive damage which is harder and more costly to fix. If you have any concerns at all about the integrity of your commercial doors, call Swift Glazing Ltd for obligation-free advice or estimates.

-Types of commercial door repairs

Commercial doors are used in commercial buildings such as schools, shopping centres and office buildings. They are typically built more durably than residential doors, which allows them to withstand high levels of traffic and use. Commercial doors are also subject to more stringent building code requirements, including those aimed at safe egress, fire protection and accessibility for the disabled.

Commercial doors can serve several purposes, security, entry/exit and protection from the elements, and environment control. Typically, Swift Glazing Ltd repairs and maintains both internal & external entry/exit doors and doors that provide access to outdoor eating spaces in cafes & restaurants. This includes commercial bi-fold windows that are part of a servery.

Before a customer enters your business, the first thing that greets them is the front door. A good first impression is so important, and this includes the small details, like how smooth it is to open the entrance door. And because commercial doors are opened and shut all day long, the effects of wear and tear can become apparent more quickly.

One of the most common and effective commercial door repairs is door closer replacement. There are many parts to the inner workings of a closer, but they usually can’t be adjusted, repaired or rebuilt. Door closer replacement of malfunctioning ones is often the easiest solution.


Swift Glazing Ltd can carry out a regular maintenance programme on your building. The programme can be completely tailored to the individual needs of your business. Our customers choose the level of maintenance they need, with the help and advice from our engineers. Important locations i.e. Main Entrance Doors can be maintained more regularly than other areas. We have found this to be a cost savings exercise, thus alleviating individual call out charges and more serious problems occurring.

Health & Safety

Swift Glazing Ltd Company prides itself on a good record of Health & Safety and that is why all members of staff are made to work together to maintain a safer environment for themselves and any persons whom contact is made in the course of our business.

These schemes are highly recognised. Our competent engineers build good working relationships with our customers.


Our engineers take great pride in the relationships they build with their customers over the years and that shows in their commitment to carry out their work well. Our employees are very competent at working in and around the general public, therefore with their Health & Safety awareness combined with their skills and experience, we are able to carry out works whilst a building remains functional. There are however exceptions when the works are carried out at a more suitable time.

In almost all circumstances, no matter what is wrong, a door closer can be adjusted, repaired or replaced altogether within two hours.

The new generation of door closers (from manufacturers like Dorma, Geze , Briton, Arrow , Modric and Jebron) are all sealed units and cannot be repaired. When a door closer is worn or broken it therefore has to be replaced. We can do this on site, usually within a few hours.

A door closer should be serviced every 6 months, to check for three things:

– the correct closing action.

– the correct latching action.

– the correct arm position.

All good quality door closures and floor springs (those fitted with hydraulic adjusting screws) can be adjusted in situ to produce the correct closing and latching actions. By this we mean that the door should pull itself shut at the right speed from up to 90 degree angle.

The latching action is what takes over when the angle is down to 10 degrees, exerting a little more force so that the door returns all the way. The door should close slowly into the door frame and then into the latch or lock keep – but in such a manner that if a person had their hand or fingers in the way they would not be injured. If the door slams shut or closes too hard then there is a real risk of broken fingers or a badly damaged hand.

The door closer arm can also become loose and worn over time and will need replacement. We can do this on site. This type of adjustment is carried out with hand tools – so a screwdriver and not an electric drill screwdriver attachment – as it is easy to ruin the fixing screws and bolts.

Most Common Problems?!


Over time a door closer can leak oil from one or more of the following places: the seals where the parts are put together; the adjustment screws; and the arm pivot. To understand why oil leaks occur, you need to understand how the closer works.

A door closure, floor spring or transom (overhead) closer is basically a box (called the body) containing a hydraulic coil spring – that is, a metal spring and oil.

When the door opens the spring is ‘coiled’ or squeezed. It wants to uncoil and return to its natural position. This is what pulls the door back to a closed position. However, without the oil the door would gather momentum as it closes and would slam shut (or, in the case of a door that opens both ways, travel past the closed position and be at risk of hitting someone). The correct oil pressure inside the body is what ensures that closing happens at a safe speed.

During opening and closing the oil inside the body is under pressure. This then puts the seals under pressure, and if they are not strong enough they will leak oil. Once this happens then the only solution is to replace the closer.

Prior to 1970 door closer bodies had lids that screwed into place, meaning that parts inside could be replaced or repaired and oil could be topped up. However in all modern closers the body is a sealed unit which, once broken, cannot be repaired.


Once a door closer starts leaking oil the door will then slam closed because there is not enough oil pressure to ensure that it closes slowly. It is not possible to ‘refill’ the closer with oil and the unit must be replaced.

Not closing properly / staying open

If you find that your doors do not close at all then this is very often the long-term result of an oil leak. When a closer is leaking oil and the door is slamming shut for a long period of time then the coil spring will usually break. Another reason could be the arm is worn on the pivot or the fixing bolt has come loose due to lack or regular servicing. As above, the only solution is to replace the closer.


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