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Cat Flap / Dog Flap Into Glass & Doors

No matter where you are in London we will install a beautiful cat door for you and your Cat. Depending on your situation we can install into windows, glass sliding doors, screen doors.

Contact us and we will talk you through your options.

We offer free quotations and advice so you are sure to find the right cat flap for your cat. Alternatively, we can provide you with a cat flap to suit your needs.

Benefits Of Having A Cat Flap?

Having a pet door allows your pet to freely come in and out of your house, for pets such as cats, this is really benefited. Cats are slightly more independent than dogs, they enjoy being outside as they are able to roam their “territories” and exercise as they wish, reducing boredom and stress. Cats are very prone to obesity and diabetes if they do not get enough daily exercise. In dogs, a pet flap can help improve toilet accidents; especially in puppies and older dogs also for if you need to leave your dog for extended periods of time.



This is the most basic type of cat flap and opens when your cat pushes against it. This type of flap offers access to all cats that try to use it. This can make it difficult to stop other cats from coming in to the home.


This type of cat flap is operated via a magnet or infrared device attached to your cat's collar. When the collar is within reading distance of the cat flap, the device will unlock the flap, allowing your cat access.


This type of cat flap is operated by your cat's microchip and is also suitable for multi-cat homes as, once programmed, can remember several different microchips. These cat flaps are the best method of preventing other cats from entering your home.

Choosing The Right Cat Flap

Step 1: Choosing The Right Cat Flap

Here are the main types of the cat flap that we fit: 4 Way Cat Flap:(In only, Out only, Opened both directions, Locked) Microchip Cat Flap:(Same as 4-Way but recognizes your pet's ID Chip!)

Step 2: Measuring The Glass

We will then arrange an appointment to suit you to come and take a precise measurement for your new glass panel, single or double glazed For installing catflap into the glass it is necessary to order a new double glazed unit Existing DGU cannot be cut as they are a sealed unit.

Step 3: Installation

When your cat flap is ready for installation, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for installation which normally takes 30 min.

Dog Flap

If you have pets that need to move in and out of your home safely, the external doors fitted to your property must work as well for them as they do for you. A great way of doing this is by asking London pet doors about our dog door and cat flap installation services.

No matter the size or breed of your dog, we have a variety of dog doors that will fit them. We even offer customisable options if you and your dog have specific needs. Our team can help you decide which door would be best for your dog and your house.

Why dog flaps?

01 PREVENTS ACCIDENTS Your dog will be able to let themselves outside to do what they need to do if you’re away from home.

02 FREEDOM TO PLAY Your dog will be able to play in the backyard and let off energy whenever they like.

03 PET SAFETY In case of emergency situations, your dog will be able to escape to safety.

We Install Dog Flaps Into:

  • uPVC Door Panels

  • Wooden Doors

  • Aluminium and Metal Doors

  • Composite Doors

  • Porches

  • Conservatories

  • Windows

  • Double/Single/Triple Glazed Units

  • uPVC and aluminium Sliding Patio Doors

  • uPVC, aluminium and Timber French Doors

We cover Watford and surrounding areas, including: Bushey, North Watford, Garston, Croxley Green, Chandler’s Cross, Oxhey, Aldenham, Leavesden, Letchmore Heath, carpenders Park, South Oxhey, Nascot Wood, Cassiobury, Bushey Heath and Abbots Langley.

Incorporating Watford postcodes: WD17, WD6, WD18, WD19, WD23, WD24 and WD25



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