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Cat Determined To Wake You at Night?

Updated: May 25, 2023

Does your cat takes a nap throughout the day and becomes a party animal at night?

Just as humans, cats also go through different phases in their lives and can even get insomnia. Cats under one-year-old are more prone to the problem, and their sleep deprivation can seriously affect your peace. It is actually because wild cats are mostly nocturnal so, it all ties back to their "wild cat" roots. But there's nothing to worry about -you can train your cat to let you sleep in peace.

Have them checked:

A yowling/wailing cat can be after attention, but there's also a chance that the animal is unwell. So, if you find your cat sleep-deprived and yowling, you might want to start with a check-up. Cats are similar to a human baby in the sense that they can't tell us if something is wrong, but they can vocalize their problem. Get your cats the proper treatment if needed, which should settle them.

Keep them busy:

Cats can also show behavioural problems because of boredom. You can keep your pet cat mentally and physically stimulated by using cat toys, scratching posts, laser lights they can chase, window perches and steps they can climb on, hidden treats and many other things! In order for your cats to sleep, you need to tire out their mind along with their bodies as well.

Undo bad habits:

If you responded to your cat’s wake-up calls positively in the past, for example with petting or giving him a treat, you need to undo this bad habit that you yourself have instilled in your pet. Next time, try your best to ignore the wake-up calls. Just stay put, and try to sleep through it. No doubt, it’s easier said than done, but after a few nights, your cat will get the message and will stop trying to wake you up.

Does your cat expect you to feed him/her as soon as you wake up? This might also be the reason why your cat wakes you up from sleep. Your cat may be harassing you for breakfast. You can break this habit by not feeding your cat until after you are done with your morning rituals.

Try out the suggestions above, and it should solve the problem of cat’s sleep deprivation.

Thanks for reading! We are expert glaziers, and we love cats. Don't hesitate to get in contact for cat flap installation in glass and other related advice.


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