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Benefits of Microchip Cat Flaps

Are you having trouble deciding whether you need a microchip cat flap? Let us save you from this dilemma by listing down the essential benefits of microchip cat flaps!

1. Keep out Stray Cats

Microchip cat flaps are beneficial for keeping out stray cats and animals in general. These animals can infiltrate your kitchen at night and spoil any food on the counter. Therefore, they must be kept out at all times.

Microchip cat flaps solve this problem by using a scanning mechanism. The scanners in cat flaps search for the microchip on your cat, and if the chip is present, the flap opens up.

You can also program the microchips so the cat flap can open for all of your cats.

2. Control Your Cat’s Outdoor Timing

With a microchip cat flap, your cat goes out only when allowed. You obtain complete control over your cat’s outdoor timings, and in this way, you can develop consistency in its behaviour and activities. A great benefit is that microchip cat flaps are entirely programmable, which means you are free to program any set of timings for your cat’s daily or weekly outdoor ventures.

3. Remote and Easy Access Feature

Probably one of the key benefits of microchip cat flaps is their remote accessibility feature. You do not need to be at home to monitor your cat. With the help of an app, you can access the cat flap and ensure that your cat does not venture out during thunderstorms, rainstorm or when there are fireworks outside.

4. Automatic Monitoring of Your Cat’s Routine

With the help of smart-monitoring that microchip cat flaps provide, you get automatic monitoring of your cat’s daily routine. The app allows you to see the number of times your cat leaves or enters your house. In this way, you can easily find out if your cat is staying out too late or if it’s not roaming at all. This information allows you to realize instantly if your cat is unwell. Also, by learning your cat’s in and out routine, you will know when it should be coming back. In this way, you can judge if you should leave cat food behind or not before stepping out yourself.

Want to know more about the Benefits of Microchip Cat Flaps?

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