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15 Cat Exercises That Can Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy

Putting a leash around your dog’s collar and taking him for a walk is child’s play. But when it comes to getting your cat into shape, things start to get a little bit more complicated. Unlike the friendly doggies, cats are solitary creatures by nature. After all, they’re more independent than domestic dogs and often want to be left alone. One study even showed that cats don’t feel distressed when their owners leave, nor they are excited when they come back home.

According to veterinarians, there’s an epidemic of obesity in cats. Obesity can oftentimes lead to diabetes and other health problems. But you can easily prevent your cat from getting obese by putting together a good cat care plan that includes a healthy diet and proper exercise.

With veterinarians recommending cat exercises and with cats independence, how are you supposed to keep them healthy and happy? Here are a few fun cat exercises that can help your friend stay active:

Pair Your Cat with a Playmate

Everything in life is better when you do it with a friend. So why not pair your cat with a cat friend? They can be exercise buddies!

Do you know another cat owner whose pet bonds well with yours? Invite them over to your place. Or, consider getting a second cat so that they can play in pair. A pair of cats who get along will get plenty of exercises. They can play chasing games or fight with their claws. Problem solved!

Cats Love a Cat Tower

You can turn your home into a kitten paradise with a cat tower. These fantastic toys can be a fun way to encourage cat exercise. They come with dangling toys, pom-pom toys, napping spots, and scratching surfaces. Instead of your cat damaging your furniture, it can play and scratch on the tower.

Laser Toys Can Be an Excellent Exercise

There are a few things that will get your cat moving as instantly as a laser pointer. These toys encourage fun and interactive play, all day long. The light will tempt your cat to play and can keep it enticed for hours. Simply point the laser at the floor or at the wall and watch your cat jumping, scratching and preying. Make sure you don’t point the laser directly into your cat’s eyes.

Take Your Cat for Walks on a Leash

Your cat may enjoy a nice walk around the neighbour hood, just like your dog. With proper training, you can teach your friend to walk with a leash and harness. Leash-walking can be a lovely cat exercise, but only if your cat can tolerate it.

Veterinarians recommend getting a lightweight harness made of breathable materials that will keep your companion safe and comfortable. You can start by letting the cat get used to the harness. Then attach the leash and let her drag it for some time. The next thing you want to do is pick up the leash and put a little bit pressure on it. Be patient as it can take a few weeks for the cat to get completely comfortable.

Try Catnip

About one cat in two is sensitive to catnip. If your cat is of them, you can use the plant to get your friend up and running. You can grow your own, buy it at a store, or get cat toys stuffed with it. Remember to use it wisely.

Puzzle Toys

From peek-a-play boxes to glide and seek toys, these puzzle toys can be an amazing source of cat exercise. They will keep your fur baby entertained, engaged and physically fit. Every time you feel like your kitten needs some exercise, pull out the puzzle toy and see them get mentally stimulated.

🐦Feather Toys

Cats love birds but that’s no secret! That’s one of the reasons why Australians are enclosing their feline friends. Did you know there is a way for your four-legged friend to play with a bird and don’t hurt anyone?

There are plenty of feather wands and danglers to choose from that can catch your pet’s attention and stimulate their inner self. They can be a great source of cat exercise and an amusing method of mental stimulation. Simply dangle them on the floor and see your feline friend in action.

😹Get a String Toy

String toys can get even the laziest cat off their feet! They’re fun cat toys for indoor cats that will entice your pet to run, jump, bite, and claw. Simply dangle the string and move it across the floor and let the fun times begin!

😻 Play With Bubbles

Are you ready for a bubble adventure? Play a game of bubbles with your furry pal and get ready for unforgettable moments of entertainment. The bubbles will visually stimulate your cat and entice her to get up and running. Simply blow the bubbles and see the cat reach out her paws to pop them in mid-air. You’re welcome!

🐾Get a Vertical Space for Your Cat to Climb

Cats are natural climbers. They like to perch up on trees, curtains, and window sills. They really don’t have a preference as long as it gets them up high. Because of your fluffy companion’s natural instincts, having vertical spaces in your home can be a fantastic source of cat exercise.

Luckily, you have tons of options. You can choose between window perches, wall-mounted shelves, cat trees, or simply a basket on top of a cabinet. The climber in your family will thank you!

🐭Mouse Toys

In most cases, cats hunt mice just for the fun of it. Now they can hunt as much as they want. Get a mouse toy for your furry friend and get ready for some quality time of cat exercise. These toys have a soft texture that is harmless to a cat’s teeth and claws. Now they’ll have a tasty mouse to bite, chew, and play with, all day long!

🥘 Make Your Cat Search for His Food

Creating a food hunt for your indoor cat is one of the most effective (and creative!) ways of stimulating cat exercise. She’ll enjoy searching for the surprise and stay alert on her toes.

So if you want to get your feline friend moving, scatter several of her favourite treats in various places around the house. She’ll have a fun time searching for the treats, all the while maintaining her mental and physical health.

🎡 Cat Exercise Wheel

Did you know that cats and mice have something really fun in common? Exercise wheels! Surprisingly, they both love this safe and incredibly entertaining accessory.

Once your adorable companion learns how to use their new toy, they’ll hop on it throughout the day. They’ll go for a quick sprint or two every few hours, getting the daily cat exercise they so desperately need. In no time, your chubby cat will slim down to her graceful self.

📦 Give Your Cat a Box (or Two)

Probably by now, you already know that your cat loves boxes. But what is so fascinating about regular cardboard boxes? Studies tell us that confined spaces allow the animal to hide from predators and stalk their prey.

Simply place this inexpensive toy in the middle of the room and see your cat playing for hours. You can even put together several boxes to create a maze for your friend to play in. You’ll find yourself thinking: why didn’t I do this earlier?

Do You Have a Favourite?

Cats, just like all other living beings, need their exercise to stay healthy and happy. If humans go to their nearest fitness studio to do some Pilates, cats play in their cat enclosures or climb up a tree.

Choose the exercise you think your cat will love the most and get ready for a lifetime of excitement and amusement.


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