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Shopfront Window Replacements

Do you have a smashed or cracked window in your shop front? Are you looking to replace it in order to maintain the initial style and security of your shop? Swift Glazing Ltd is the trusted company in London, offering 24/7 emergency shop window replacement services.⁣

Obviously, it’s impossible to predict the time when accidents. But we endeavour to ensure that your emergencies are covered in times of crisis. We understand the security concerns involved when your shop window is broken. Our team consists of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in commercial glass replacement.⁣

We take pride in being a leading glazing company because:⁣

  • We have provided window replacement services for over 20 years and for thousands of commercial properties⁣.

  • We provide free office or shop consultation in order to establish the type, style and the kind of window to be replaced⁣.

  • We provide experienced and licensed workmanship to ensure the job is done to satisfaction and within shortest time possible⁣.

  • Our projects are fully managed from the start to the last service which is clean up and final work inspection⁣.

  • We work personally with our clients by offering advice and working with the budget which fits their financial ability⁣.

  • We offer window replacement any time, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week⁣.

We understand that window breakage can happen at the most inconvenient time of day and the first question that comes to your mind is: how long will it take for the window to be repaired? That’s why at Swift Glazing Ltd we offer emergency window replacement services to all our clients around the clock to ensure your workplace is safe and secured and that work resumes to normal ASAP.⁣

The window feature of a shop, building or office space is the most essential feature, catching the eye of onlookers. That’s why you must ensure that they are correctly fitted, they are stylish and the best quality materials are used. At Swift Glazing Ltd, we specialize in all types of window installation work to make your office or shop more secure. Book an appointment with us now by calling us on 0800 195 0422.

We understand that trouble never comes announced, which is why we have made ourselves accessible at any time you require. Our workers are available 24/7, so you can have your business opened again as soon as possible.


Whether it is a smashed shop front glass window, kicked-in commercial door, or any other glass damage due to a break-in, burglary, or an accident, call us now, get professional help from our experts, and get that smashed window repair done, 


We cover all over London, Greater London, Hertfordshire, Essex, and surrounding areas.

Wooden shop fronts are the most common in conservative and old areas. People want to continue using wood as an option instead of Aluminium in many cases. Replacement of broken glass on wooden shop fronts and shop doors is our expertise, For extra safety on your shop front, we can use laminated or toughen glass depends on your need, Call us now for a free instant quote.

We Have a Large Range of Glass Options Available

Laminated glass is a type of glass that breaks in a spiderweb-like form to prevent damage and injuries. It is commonly found in places where there's a chance of accidents or human impact resulting in the shattering of the glass. Although laminated glass is well-known for its safety as it is a characterized BS 6206 (safety glass), it can also come in handy for security purposes due to its toughness.


With Swift Glazing, you can have a laminated glass of every type and thickness, like the clear, low emissivity, and UV fade-resistant type, the anti-sun bronze, blue, grey, and green type, and one-way spy laminated glass with available thicknesses, including but not limited to, 4.4mm, 6.4mm, 7.5mm, 11.5mm and 13.5mm. We also provide custom solutions, such as multi-ply bullet and ballistic resistant laminated glasses, to best meet our clients’ needs. Call us today to learn the options we offer!

Toughened glass is a type of safety glass that has increased strength in contrast to our regular everyday glass. It is because toughened glass undergoes a controlled thermal treatment that makes it stronger than regular glass by creating balanced internal stresses. We provide a toughened glass of various thicknesses and types, including 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 19mm thickness as well as various tinted solar control types, low emissivity and anti-sun blue, bronze, green, and grey toughened glass, and the ones that are clear, have low Iron and are self-cleaning.

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