Window Sash Repair

Updated: Jul 16

It is very easy for you to mistake window sash for something else. It is not a fashion related term as many think. Sashes are items that are used with windows. They hold them in position. These pieces are made of various materials such as metal, vinyl, wood, etc. They also have a varying degree of operations and functionalities, which are dependent on their design type. Some are dynamic in their functionality, while others operate statically.

If you happen to be struggling with broken or old sashes, it is advisable you check for a window repair expert in London to help you fix the problem. The important steps below are to be adopted when removing and fixing sashes.

Remove the sashes: The first thing to do is getting the windows removed. The majority of sashes work with a pulley mechanism that controls the window’s movement. Remove the stops and detach the cords or chains. Be conscious of where every item removed is stored so that the items can easily be retrieved when the window is ready to be reinstalled.