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Do Frameless Glass Shower Doors Leak?

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Frameless shower doors look exquisite in the bathroom, provide a modern touch to the otherwise dull space, cause the shower tiles to pop and make your bathroom appear huge. They also prevent soap and hard water deposits from forming as they have no metal track present at the bottom. This makes frameless shower doors extremely easy to clean. As a result, they are growing increasingly popular in London bathroom designs. Unfortunately, there is a misconception about frameless shower doors leaking, and that is why many people are afraid of getting them installed despite their positive attributes.

If you are on the verge of buying a frameless shower door for your house in London but are afraid of leaks, read this post!

Do Frameless Shower Doors Leak?

In essence, frameless shower doors do not leak. They have gaps along the edges. However, if installed correctly, these gaps should not cause leakage.

Yet if you are still concerned about even the tiniest water sprays, you should install vinyl moulding to serve your purpose. The vinyl moulding will make the already small gaps even smaller, reducing any chances of water spraying the outer area. But remember, vinyl moulding is not watertight, and you might need to replace it occasionally to keep minor leaks at bay.

Preventing Water Sprays from Frameless Shower Doors:

Frameless shower doors do not leak unless your showerhead is pointing directly at them. In that case, even vinyl moulding is of no use and water spray into the rest of your bathroom is inevitable. Therefore, if you want your bathroom to remain completely dry, avoid directing the high-pressure water stream towards the vinyl moulding, and it should do its job.

In fact, keep your shower head facedown towards the floor whilst you are taking a bath, and it should work out for you!

Other Causes of Shower Door Leaks

Do you keep your showerhead pointed downwards, and yet your frameless shower door still seems to be leaking? The problem may be more complex in that case.

There could either be installation errors in the frameless shower doors or building error in your bathroom. For example, if your bathroom floor has an outward slope, it might be why the water keeps coming out of your shower. Bathroom floors should always have an inward slope or they should lead the water towards the drain.

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